Melinda M.

Citylights Realty (Sally Hamidi and Jose Lizama) did a fantastic job arranging the rental of our house in Bloomingdale. The process was managed in such a smooth, fast, efficient and professional manner that it truly took all the stress out of what was previously (before we hired Citylights) a rather stressful exercise. Living out of the country always complicates matters. But Citylights’ process of communication has been exceptional; we always felt very well informed and never felt the need to chase up the status or check things were getting done. Jose and Sally were always taking the initiative; we were really impressed with this and it indicates a level of care and attention that distinguishes exceptional customer service. We came to Citylights with less than a month before vacancy. But they reassured us that they could rent our house in two weeks to good tenants and at our price. And they delivered! The speed at which the property was arranged for market was really impressive; collecting keys from the tenants, having the house very nicely photographed, getting it listed on various mediums and holding an open house, all within a few days of being signed up. In addition to the excellent personal service we received from both Sally and Jose, we also found that Citylights’ documentation and processes were very simple and efficient. The prospect tenant packages that were sent to us were clear, concise and contained all the information we needed to make an informed decision, without being overwhelming, and thus confusing. Being able to sign everything electronically was helpful for us given our overseas locale. We have hired Citylights Realty to manage the rental of our property and feel very assured that we are in the best of hands.

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