Shante Briscoe

Shante’ Briscoe is in every sense an ambassador of the Real Estate Industry. As a native Washingtonian she brings a critical understanding of the city’s real estate market and a sharp intuition for what clients need and how to effectively deliver. Shante’s energy and enthusiasm, along with her strong business acuity, guarantee client satisfaction at every stage of the transaction. Beyond simply finding the right property, she is equipped to advise on everything from pricing and financials to community accessibility, cuisine, nightlife and local culture. Shante’s approach to business is always one of strict professional discretion and loyalty, ensuring neither the identity nor vision of her clientele ever be compromised.

Shante’s strength as an agent comes as no surprise given her savvy professional background. She’s obtained many awards within her career to include Realtor of the Year as freshman in the industry. Her experience boasts more than ten years in the industry as a Real Estate Agent, but, Shante’ didn’t stop there. Knowing the value of educating the community on home buying she further sought obtaining Settlement Agent credentials to assure her clientele was knowledgeable on the process of purchasing a home from beginning to end. Her focus on client service is enthusiastic and highly professional, serving as both a savvy negotiator and dedicated advisor. Shante’s goal for her clientele is to personally believe in the expertise that she provides, how she provides it and the enormous benefits they receive from it.

With Shante’, success in buying or selling your home is the only option!

Phone: 301-237-2613